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Sensors for the steel industry

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The steel industry has been one of the main markets for the application of Video Systems technology since 1993.
Thanks to the experience gained over the last few years in close contact with systems manufacturers and rolling mill supervisors, we have gradually reached higher levels of efficiency and reliability that have led us to the creation of a line of sensors specifically designed for this sector.
Adamantis® is a complete line of sensors, cameras, quality control systems and measuring systems specifically designed and manufactured for use in the hot rolling process and to withstand the severe conditions of the steel environment.

The Adamantis® family includes sensors that meet the most varied applications:
•    hot metal detectors;
•    loop scanner: loop control;
•    on-line dimension detectors;
•    weld detectors,
•    cameras for monitoring/shooting outside and inside furnaces.

Furthermore, the demand for the design and implementation of customised control solutions, to meet the specific requirements of each customer, has enabled us to develop a range of sophisticated systems and technologies for advanced quality and process control:  Adamantis Evoluta, Adamantis experience combined with Video Systems high-tech.

Adamantis Evoluta includes:
•    advanced bar counting systems;
•    identification systems;
•    material surface control;
•    advanced dimensional controls;
•    stereoscopic measuring systems.

Reliability and resistance
Indeed, all Adamantis® sensors have been designed with no moving parts to maximise resistance, reliability and ease of use and also to be employed in particularly severe rolling mill areas where temperature, humidity and powders may compromise sensor operation.
The Adamantis solutions include the following items:
- airtight container made of steel with water circulation;
- “anticondensation device” installed on the front filter;
- front metal guard to protect the optical unit from liquid splashes or material projections.

Consumption. In line with the need to progressively reduce consumption and to respect the environment, all Adamantis® sensors have been designed with very low consumption rates compared to current market standards, drastically reducing environmental impact and energy consumption.

Adamantis® is a registered trademark of Video Systems s.r.l.