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Customized solutions

Research turns into a solution

All Video Systems applications are the result of an accurate analysis during the design phase and of constant research and development.
Research that always turns into concrete solutions that bring High Quality to our customers’ productions.

The experience acquired over these years has allowed us to gain considerable expertise in the field of control systems:

  • Development of softwares based on neural networks
  • Development of stereoscopic applications
  • Optical design of the systems
  • Mechanical design for industrial control systems

Today, our systems are used by leading national and international companies and are applied in all the main industrial sectors:

The Steel Industry

The steel industry is a fundamental sector for Video Systems that, over the years has proved to be a valid partner in the implementation of new dedicated and innovative control solutions.

Hollow glass

Our control systems are used by important national glassworks to improve production and detect any type of defect in special shapes and in all colours.

The Video Systems technology is applied in the following industries:

  • Wood processing 
  • Paper
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical 
  • Textile 
  • Film printing
  • Automation