Artificial vision and intelligence for the quality control of steel and metal

Steel control has never been so smart

Adamantis is a complete line of adavnced sensors, cameras, measuring systems based on artificial intelligence, specifically designed and manufactured for use in the hot rolling process and to withstand the severe conditions of the steel environment.
The Adamantis® family includes:

  • Basic sensors that meet almost all the control requirements of the mill production line.
  • Adamantis Evoluta, a series of advanced solutions that apply the best artificial intelligence technologies developed by Video Systems for advanced quality and process control

Over 25-year experience in rolling mills

Thanks to the experience gained over 25 years in close contact with systems manufacturers and rolling mill supervisors, we have gradually reached higher levels of efficiency and reliability that have led us to the creation of a line of sensors specifically designed for this sector.

Indeed, all Adamantis® sensors have been designed with no moving parts to maximise resistance, reliability and ease of use and also to be employed in particularly severe rolling mill areas where temperature, humidity and powders may compromise sensor operation.

All Adamantis solutions are characterised by:

In-depth study and testing of all systems to withstand harsh environments

High quality materials to ensure reliability over time

No moving parts thus guarantee reduced maintenance

Connectivity of devices for integration in Industry 4.0 environments

Installed Systems
Advanced analysis systems

Utmost reliability

We do not carry out sample or statistical checks: every Adamantis solution we place on the market is individually tested.
Each device is designed and validated for the environment in which it will be installed and is subjected to a special quality control process that verifies the production and testing.
In this way, for over 10 years, we have been guaranteeing maximum product reliability


Average warranty repair rate of Adamantis systems

Reduce consumption and increase energy efficiency

All Adamantis® sensors and systems reduce energy demand by about 50% compared to current standards in the field.

For our customers, it means first of all meeting the needs for a gradual reduction in consumption and greater eco-sustainability of production, now required by the market.

But above all, it generates significant savings in economic terms over time.

Advanced Adamantis

The most advanced quality control solutions

Unique solutions designed for your needs

The company is specialised in the construction of models and simulations to find the right solution for the customer’s needs starting from the data supplied and from an accurate study of the production line.

This operating method has been applied for years and, according to defined protocols, guarantees a top quality service both in terms of product and assistance.

Adamantis exclusive service

We consider after and pre-sales assistance as an integral part of every Adamantis solution we offer.

Maintenance-free system

Since there are no parts in motion subject to high stress, Adamantis systems do not require mechanical maintenance.

Constant remote assistance throughout the world

Thanks to constant internet connection with the machines, we provide immediate remote assistance anywhere in the world:  in the majority of requests for intervention, the diagnosis can be performed remotely directly by the technicians of our office

Shipping spare parts in 24 hours

The Adamantis after-sales service can guarantee delivery of spares parts within 24 hours.

Pre-sales assistance

We have an established design methodology that we share with the customer: in our laboratories we perform feasibility tests on the real samples provided by the customer and release a preliminary technical-economic report of the solution that will be used for the def inition of the final system.

They chose Adamantis