Artificial vision and intelligence for glass quality control

Unprecedented glass quality control like

Imago is a complete range of advanced systems for in-line quality control in hollow glass production (bottles, jars, etc.) And flat glass.

All Imago systems operated without any contact with the products and have been developed to ensure the detection of all kinds of defects, while minimizing false rejects.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence technologies included in each Imago solution, each machine is provided with a self-learning function allowing to improve control performance over time.

High-tech, outstanding performance, ease of use: this is the Imago world.

By your side in the glass sector for over 15 years

Since 2002 every Imago system has been developed according to the wishes and the real needs of the master glazier.

In fact, the machines of the Imago  range have been developed in co-operation with a major national producer – Vetri Speciali – based on the requirements of special hollow glass production lines.
For 15 years we have continued to maintain this approach for all the Imago solutions developed, while always paying the utmost attention to customer needs and ensuring an excellent service in terms of reliability and assistance.

Installed Systems
Billions of containers inspected
Types of containers inspected
Millions of defects identified

Utmost reliability

We do not carry out sample or statistical checks: every Imago solution we place on the market is individually tested.
Each device is designed and validated for the environment in which it will be installed and is subjected to a special quality control process that verifies the production and testing.
In this way, for over 10 years, we have been guaranteeing maximum product reliability


Average warranty repair rate of Imago systems

A combination of high tech and design to offer a new user-experience

Attention to design particularly characterises the Imago range: rounded shapes, light colours and a material treated in such a way as to create the glass effect make these products one of a kind in the field.

Special attention has been paid to the user interface, which is simple and functional, designed so that the equipment can be easily and immediately used by the operators, hence user-friendly.

The design innovation of Imago has contributed to Omnia and Linea systems being selected among the finalist products to be conferred the “Compasso d’Oro” Award and mention of Honour in the 22nd edition, thus becoming part of the ADI Index 2010. Furthrmore, it has allowed Video Systems to be acknowledged by the Italian government as one of the 265 entrepreneurships (out of 3,000 candidates) who can boast the title “Italia degli Innovatori“, as a standard-bearer in the Italian world that innovates by producing technological excellences.

Everything is wired, under control at all times

The uniqueness of the Imago systems also lies in the new connection technology.

 All the machines are equipped with advanced connectivity allowing to manage the systems through remote-assistance, providing a support service in real time; the ethernet connection installed on all the machines, allows plant monitoring, production data collection and direct connection with the company management systems.

Moreover, the Internet connection guarantees interconnectivity tools for monitoring, assistance and the connection to cloud infrastructures.

Choose your solution

Imago exclusive service

We consider after-sales assistance as an integral part of every Imago solution we offer.

Maintenance-free systems

Since there are no parts in motion subject to high stress, Imago systems are virtually maintenance-free.

Constant remote assistance throughout the world

Thanks to constant internet connection with the machines, we provide immediate remote assistance anywhere in the world:  in the majority of requests for intervention, the diagnosis can be performed remotely directly by the technicians of our office

Delivery of spare parts within 24 hours

The Imago after-sales service can guarantee delivery of spares parts within 24 hours.

Pre-sales assistance

We have an established design methodology that we share with the customer: in our laboratories we perform feasibility tests on the real samples provided by the customer and release a preliminary technical-economic report of the solution that will be used for the def inition of the final system.

Unique solutions designed for your needs

The company is specialised in the construction of models and simulations to find the right solution for the customer’s needs starting from the data supplied and from an accurate study of the production line.

This operating method has been applied for years and, according to defined protocols, guarantees a top quality service both in terms of product and assistance.

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