Artificial vision and intelligence for industrial automation quality and process control

Automation control has never been so smart

Ingenium is a Video Systems division dedicated to artificial vision and intelligence solutions for industrial automation, in various production sectors.

Ingenium designs solutions in which artificial vision and artificial intelligence can support, improve or replace human control and work in industrial production processes.

High-tech systems constructed in such a way as to operate with maximum performance and reliability in harsh environments, able to adapt to the most complex production contexts.

Consolidated excellence for over 25 years

We have been working closely with plant manufacturers and production managers since 1993 to meet the most ambitious control requirements.

Starting from the first advanced equipment in the field of film print, we have developed artificial vision and intelligence, advanced robotics, data mining technologies and IIOT providing our customers with increasingly high levels of efficiency and reliability, to the point of being able to offer highly innovative and unique solutions of excellence.

An experience and working philosophy that allow us to develop advanced technologies resulting in concrete and customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of each customer in the various industrial sectors.

Installed systems
Applications Tailor Made

Utmost reliability

We do not carry out sample or statistical checks: each Ingenium solution we place on the market is individually tested.
Each device is designed and validated for the environment in which it will be installed and is subjected to a special quality control process that verifies the production and testing.
In this way, we have been guaranteeing maximum product reliability for over 10 years


Average warranty repair rate of Ingenium systems

The evolution of robotics

Integrating the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies into industrial robotics:  the objective (of the Ingenium division) is to make the automation processes of manufacturing and industrial production evolve to reach new levels of automation, new results in terms of efficiency, productivity and production quality.

The high-level know-how and the consolidated experience gained in various sectors, has led us to propose innovative solutions for robotics automation:

Dedicated systems for collecting and depositing mechanical parts and semi-finished wood products

“Intelligent” robotic systems for the collection of items according to shape or colour

Systems designed for material surface detection of objects that, by combining stereoscopic vision and high-resolution systems, move the shooting head by means of robots, so as to optimise the control angle.

Complex systems integrating the artificial vision on the robot to handle semifinished or finished products

“Intelligent” robotic systems for the automatic deposition of resins or sealants, able to determine the position and type of part being processed and apply the preset recipe compensating for any offset or angle variations of the item. Moreover, these are adaptive systems that adapt to possible deformations of the object being processed.

Special solutions for specific sectors


Systems for surface quality control, systems for size and position measuring systems for the material being processed, scanning systems for classification or archiving and creation of catalogues.

Paper and Films

Intelligent vision systems for quality and process control in the production of continuous materials, such as:  paper, cardboard, plastic films and other materials in continuous production.

Plastics and pets

Artificial vision and artificial intelligence solutions for quality control and process monitoring in the processing and molding of plastic and PET parts.

Mechanics and automotive

Artificial vision and intelligence solutions for quality and process control in the production and processing of components, semi-finished and finished products in the mechanical and automotive field.

Aerospace industry

Development of components for the aviation and aerospace sectors with leading Italian and multinational companies. Since 2012 we have been accredited by ESA (European Space Agency) as a highly technological European SME operating in the aerospace technologies sector.

Oil & Gas

Artificial vision and intelligence solutions for quality control in the production of semi-finished products for the Oil & Gas sector. Advanced condition monitoring solutions for monitoring and predictive maintenance of Oil & Gas plants.

Agriculture & Breeding

Artificial vision and intelligence solutions for quality control and automatic selection of food products both on processing plants and directly in the field. Video Systems can develop OEM solutions to be integrated into operating machines and product transformation systems.

Composite materials

Systems for quality and process control in the production of parts in composite material for the automotive, aerospace and advanced components sectors. Quality and process control systems in the production of composite materials

Textiles & leather good

Quality and process control systems in the textile, leather goods sector both in production and in the processing and transformation of these raw materials.

Tailor-made solutions for your needs

Our high-level technology and the expertise achieved in industrial automation processes allow us to design and develop tailor-made solutions that promptly meets the requirements for automation, process control and quality of each customer.

Artificial intelligence, data-mining and deep learning solutions that bring significant benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity, reduced consumption and economic savings.

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