Artificial vision and intelligence solutions to maximize production quality and efficiency

Artificial vision and intelligence in quality and process control at the service of manufacturing

We design and implement the most advanced artificial vision and intelligence solutions to offer innovative and high-performing quality control systems in all industrial sectors.

25 years of experience and continuous technological development have allowed us to grow steadily over time and have led us to be today the reliable partner for the market leaders of the main industrial sectors on the international level.
The experience and know-how gained especially in the steel and glass fields, have led us to create dedicated and specialized corporate divisions


Vision and AI for glass quality control


Vision and AI for steel and metal quality control


Vision and AI for automation process quality control


Vision and AI in everyday life


High technology becomes tailored

We have always distinguished ourselves for the ability to transform the most advanced technology into customized solutions that adapt to the specific production reality in which they will be placed, to the environment and to the people who will use them.

In this way we have developed extremely advanced solutions, in some cases also obtaining international patents and applications defined as “revolutionary patents“, but which always guarantee efficiency, reliability and ease of use for companies and end users.

Our headquarters: all in one place to guarantee the excellence of “Made in Italy”

We fully implement every solution, from basic research to design, from software development to the production of sensors and machines:  everything is produced within Video Systems.

Our premises have been designed to allow a constant dialogue between the different production phases so as to always guarantee excellence, the best technological performance and the maximum degree of customization for every solution we propose.

More than 1700m² factory:

Production facility

Directional offices

Research Center

Optical development center

GPU computational center

Artificial Intelligence development center

Demo and test area also equipped with lines glass and steel industry applications

IIoT development center (Industrial Internet of Things)

Advanced electronic devices development center

Image processing and artificial vision development center

They chose our technology

Prizes and awards

From service quality to human relations quality

After having obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification for the high quality of our production, we decided to take another important step for the well-being and growth of our communities: the implementation and certification of the Social Responsibility Management System based on international standard SA 8000.

In fact, we have always believed that the quality of service and production must include work ethic and the quality of life of employees. More generally, we believe that productive activities must be at the service of the community and of man.

It is a belief that guides us every day in our choices, in facing new challenges and reaching new goals, together with our customers.


The greatest innovation for a company today is ethical action

A. Liani, CEO Video Systems, 2011

Eco-sustainability has always been at the heart of our technology

Our intelligent solutions guarantee secure identification of in-line rejects, thus reducing material waste and emissions. In addition, all our systems are designed to minimize energy consumption.

For our customers this means an economic advantage, but also a greater environmental sustainability of their production.

Not only. For the manufacture of our machines and our control systems we always choose low environmental impact solutions and materials, as recyclable as possible; we select our suppliers also on the basis of their ability to guarantee products, materials and processes in compliance with the current regulations in terms of environmental sustainability.

The importance of beauty

We pay special attention to the design of machines and graphic interfaces, cooperating with young Italian designers both for the restyling of existing products and for the design of new product lines.

To us design does not just mean caring for shape from an aesthetic point of view, but it is an essential feature to increase our systems functionality and ease of use.  We believe that functionality and aesthetics can and must be connected and that they represent one of the best expressions of the “Italian know-how” appreciated throughout the world.

A belief that has been confirmed to us also by our customers, leading us to obtain international recognition.

Omnia web

Omnia and Linea, the two most innovative machines designed for quality control in the glass sector, have been selected among the products to be awarded the Compasso d’Oro Award and Honourable Mention of the XXII edition for their innovative design.

Parson, our innovative project on video surveillance born from a cooperation with the IAAD of Turin (Institute of Applied Arts and Design) in 2011, has attracted media attention all over the world and was awarded the prestigious IFSEC’S Security & Fire Excellence Awards in 2014 and 2015.

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