Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Our ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification for the high quality of our production represent one of the founding elements of our company, at the same time we believe on the well-being and growth of our communities. Our internal model  aims at enhancing working conditions throughout an organizational system intended to:


  • maintain and improve the control over situations that represent a threat to staff’s rights, included suppliers.
  • show also outside the company ( to customers, suppliers, public administration, community etc.) That we are in line with both statutory and ethical and sustainability standards requirements.

We will be obliged to inform outsiders, every year, about results achieved in this regard and to set new goals in order to improve. Our company intends therefore to confirm and carry out initiatives to:

  • promote health and safety on workplace
  • to respect freedom of association, trade union rights, the right of collective bargaining
  • fight against child labor, forced labor, any kind of discrimination and disciplinary practices not provided by Workers’ Statue of Rights
  • respect working hours
  • respect wage levels

We are committed to promote and consolidate these values and to work in the respect of them, not only among our personnel, but also towards collaborators and suppliers. Indeed, our model  requires to maintain preferential trade relations with organisations that recognise the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and that work in full compliance with the State Laws on workers’ rights.


Video Systems’ ethical policy

Video Systems’ ethical code