Our technologies

Constant research and development

70% of our staff is dedicated to R&D activities in various technological fields.

We have gradually developed, in 25 years of activity, solutions that use artificial intelligence applications and the most advanced vision and data processing technologies to improve consistency in the quality and control of industrial production.

And we have succeeded.

A work that has allowed us over the years to develop patented technologies and unique systems, to launch experimental projects and collaborations with leading universities and research centres at the international level.







Memoria®: our revolutionary condition monitoring technology

Memoria® is our patented condition monitoring technology designed to automatically recognize and detect any process malfunctions within a production facility and allows engineers and technicians (maintenance) to manage beforehand breakdowns and maintenance.

Memoria uses artificial vision technologies combined with data-mining systems and Artificial Intelligence able to temporally correlate field images and data in a unique way.  A constant guarantee for the efficiency and daily operation of critical equipment and production lines.

Artificial intelligence for the constant increase of production efficiency

The various applications of artificial intelligence used allow us to implement systems and solutions that analyze and learn autonomously on the ground like an actual brain, or rather by simulating its operation.

Artificial intelligence is the area of development we have been focusing on for a long time and represents one of Video Systems excellences because this is the main tool to manage the growing complexity of production systems.

We are thus able to implement solutions with high degrees of reliability and a dramatic reduction of false positives in decision-making processes such as quality control, process control and condition monitoring.

IIOT: Industrial Internet of things to improve production

We have been developing IIOT objects for the manufacturing sector for several years, when they were still relatively unknown to the market:  the goal has always been to connect the machines to each other, make them dialogue to optimize production processes.

The applications implemented by Video Systems have allowed producers of “traditional” industrial sectors to acquire new data. These are useful for a preliminary control on the conditions of their machines in use, check the time of industrial production and send precise data related to the quantity of products in process.

Supporting companies in the shift towards Industry 4.0

It is called Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution:  it is the radical change that the sector has been facing in recent years with the integration of digital technologies in the production chain.  Several European governments are activating forms of support to help companies in this epochal change.

Today our know-how and our technologies allow us to transform the current production lines into industry 4.0 ecosystems with new levels of quality and efficiency, new and important competitive advantages for enterprises. Real-time quality control, data generation for subsequent analysis and trend verification (thanks to data-mining and artificial intelligence) allow us to offer industrial producers and manufacturing companies innovative solutions with and extremely rapid Returns on Investment (ROI).

Research projects and collaborations with universities

Experiencing, sharing, innovating

We have been always involved in innovation projects and experimental research with universities, organizations and research centres at the international level on new developments in technology and concrete applications for industry and society:  artificial vision, artificial intelligence, data mining, condition monitoring, robotics.

Opportunities for sharing and comparing our results, for learning and testing the latest technologies of the most important research centres in the world.

Among the most innovative projects we have recently developed are:

Artificial Vision90%
Artificial Intelligence75%
Data mining70%
Condition monitoring50%