Artificial vision and artificial intelligence for everyday life

A history of innovation. Completely Italian

Parson is an innovative Italian brand that offers collections of intelligent objects in which high technology, design and craftsmanship interact to create unique products.

The artificial intelligence solutions developed by Video Systems for the industry are interpreted by young Italian designers to create multi-sensory objects for everyday life.

Innovative products with a strong aesthetic impact that change the point of view of everyday reality.

International prizes and awards

Since its presentation in 2014, in a short time, Parson has been attracting the attention of important international media such as Wired, AD and Dezeen.

Parson also won some of the most prestigious awards and global awards:  twice IFSEC winner (in 2015 and in 2016) and was selected as the official partner for the Belgium pavilion at EXPO 2015.

Eco-sustainable design and Made in Italy craftsmanship

Each Parson collection originates from an unprecedented dialogue between the creativity of young Italian designers, engineers and the best craftsmen in the processing of different materials.  Each product is designed in Italy, designed with Italian technology and made entirely by hand by the best craftsmen. Special attention is being paid to production and energy consumption “sustainability”: the phases of the product life cycle are optimized, the elements are reduced to the smallest number of pieces, the materials are recyclable.

Each product is a unique creation, made in Italy.

The most advanced industrial technology for every day

With Parson, Video Systems Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and iot advanced technologies for industry become available to everyone.  High performance advanced technologies fit into everyday objects to make them intelligent, able to learn autonomously and simplify everyday life.

Easy to use, affordable for everyone

Each Parson collection is designed to create a user experience that is simple and intuitive in every situation:  from installation mode to configuration and everyday use.

The user interface is designed to make the system configurable and manageable from a normal web browser, on the PC or MAC, on the tablet and smartphone.

An extraordinary usability with the highest level of security.

Animals Collection: A new concept of security

Animals is an innovative line of cameras with a unique design in the video surveillance industry. The playful aspect of the product is combined with the most advanced intelligent artificial vision technology.

A collection that offers an alternative to the traditional camera with intimidating effect, proposing an object that is in harmony with the surrounding environment.

The camera, once a looming control tool, is proposed as a piece of furniture, an integral part of the place where it is inserted.

The point of view on safety has changed.

Check Parson Animals Collection

Parson 360 Collection: The 360 degree reality

The 360 degree reality. An innovative collection of smart objects designed for the Internet of Things and security, designed thanks to a unique technology that has become an international patent:  a coin-sized video camera capable of shooting the scene at 360 ° with no moving parts, thus guaranteeing the total absence of blind sides or the lack of visualization of parts of the environment being shot.

The inspiration theme of Parson 360 is water, in its many forms:  essential lines, glossy surfaces to evoke its ability to reflect the surrounding reality.

Check Parson 360 Collection


San Francisco

Academy of Art University
22 giugno 2013

New York

Italian Cultural Institute of New York
9 – 11 settembre 2013


Abbazia di Rosazzo Manzano (UD)
4 ottobre 2013


Poltrona Frau Group Miami
5 – 11 dicembre 2013


Temporary Museum for New Design
Milano Design Week
8 – 13 aprile 2014


IFSEC International
ExCeL London
17 – 19 giugno 2014

New York

Hall of science
20 – 21 settembre 2014


Belgian Pavillon, EXPO 2015
1 maggio – 31 ottobre 2015


IFSEC International
ExCeL London
16 – 18 giugno 2015


Civil Defence Exhibition & Conference
2 – 4 novembre 2015


Intersec 2016
17 – 19 gennaio 2016

Seoul (South korea)

SECON 2016
16 – 18 marzo 2016


IFSEC International
ExCeL London
21 – 23 giugno 2016

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