360° Realty

The first collection of Smart objects that see at 360°

Discover a unique technology

Parson 360 has been designed in the context of a unique technology that has been developed for several years resulting in an international patent. It can shoot the scene at 360° with no moving parts, thus ensuring the total absence of blind sides and a complete visualization of the environment being shot.

A great innovation for video surveillance and video conferencing, designed for smart building and smart home applications in domestic residential areas and offices areas, but also for yachts, hotels and residences.

Much more than just seeing

The Parson 360 Smart Objects are equipped with temperature, motion, audio input and output sensors, magnetometer and accelerometer. They are equipped with a microsd slot for storage up to 128 GB and integrate with Google Drive and dropbox for cloud saving.

They are equipped with innovative functions such as the advanced detection of motions and the measurement of the average ambient light for lights regulation and energy saving. This function allows not only to regulate lamps light emission, but also the light emission of the buildings where they are installed.

The Parson 360° collection

The collection consists of three models: two smart lamps and one smart tray.

The two lamp models integrate the smart camera function with an RGB LED lighting system that can change the light colour on programmed models or on the device statuses.

The tray is equipped with a smart camera that provides complete and unparalleled visibility on the desks where it is used thus making the object specially suitable for innovative video conferencing applications.

360° customisation

Parson® offers the opportunity to integrate the Parson 360° technology on objects designed and created specifically for your needs, or existing devices.

This solution was used in the Belgian pavilion at EXPO 2015, in a vase to shoot events in an unprecedented way

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