A revolution in the world of video surveillance

Tecno nature: the cameras are transformed into pets for a new idea of safety

A new idea of camera

Parson Animals is a collection designed to offer an alternative to the traditional camera with an intimidating effect, by proposing an intelligent object that becomes part of the surrounding environment. The camera, once a “looming control” tool, is proposed as a furnishing item of the place where it is positioned.

The playful aspect of the product conceals an “intelligent” artificial vision technology that guarantees high performance, while the design has been also created to make maintenance easy.

Design, high technology and functionality for a new security concept.

Intelligent and safe

The Animals cameras are equipped with latest-generation image processors and artificial vision systems that allow the shooting and analysis of information useful for the management of the city and home environments such as:

  • Facial recognition
  • Reading license plates
  • Calculation and analysis of the traffic
  • Counting of people
  • Interception of unusual movements

Animals reduce the data traffic avoiding sending heavy files through streaming, but only important information, thus overcoming the lack of broadband in certain areas.

Each Animals camera is unique, a handmade creation.

Each Animals camera is not manufactured industrially in series, but handcrafted.

The case of all Parson Animals models is a unique casting of aluminium produced with the technique of disposable sand molds: handcrafted melts redone for each new piece with different molds every time. We could say that “when the animal is born its mold dies”, making each Animals camera unique, different from all the others.

Also the making and painting are handcrafted. This maximizes the integrity and preservation of the camera over time , thus guaranteeing an unparalleled product quality.

Eco-sustainable design

Special attention has been paid to production sustainability and energy consumption.  Electronics, optics, mask, screws and support are components present throughout the collection:  the case thus acts as interchangeable protection. The material used is aluminium that allows to reduce the weight and create a sealed chamber by reducing electrical dispersion.

Electronic components can be easily extracted directly from the mask:  assembly, any maintenance or even disassembly for disposal are extremely easy.

Simple to use and safe, at all times.

Parson Animals cameras have been designed to offer a user-friendly and intuitive experience in any situation:  from camera installation mode to configuration including daily use.

The user interface has been designed to make the system configurable and manageable from a standard web browser.

An extraordinary usability and, at the same time, a high level of security.

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