Shoulder checks contactless control

Linea is the innovative intelligent system designed for the detection of shoulder cuts on standard and shaped bottles; it does not need any tracking adjustment and handles the shaped container with ease and without contact.

Linea automatically detects the defect the first time that it arises without requiring any adjustment between emitter and receiver, the tooling is reduced to selecting an area with the mouse and defining the minimum size of the defect.

Linea guarantees 100% control of the product by eliminating the expensive activity of rechecking of items for new types of cuts.


Distinguishing features

  • Quick recipe creation (10 minutes)
  • Analysis of containers up to 600mm height
  • Handling of shaped containers
  • No emitter/receiver alignment
  • Data generation for Industry 4.0
  • Optional Finish Kit


The Kit Finish system can be integrated on Linea for the quality control of the mouth of the container.