Multi-format total sidewall control

Omnia is the revolutionary control system that brings three unique innovations in the field:

  1. Multi-format management up to 10 items at the same time.
  2. Colour image acquisition and analysis (first in its category)
  3. Artificial intelligence engine.


Artificial Intelligence is the revolutionary technology that characterizes our times; by reproducing the structure of the human brain, it allows the system an “intelligent” interception of a defect: Omnia can see, reason and learn directly on the production line.Video Systems has been using this technology on its systems since 2003 and can count on a database of defects of over 15 years.

Omnia allows to obtain surprising results as compared to traditional control systems with considerable advantages for the customer:

  • Reliable results
  • Reduction of costs and time for machine tooling
  • Drastic reduction of false rejects, optimizing all control parameters automatically


Since 2003 Omnia has been constantly improving to increase its control performance.  Today Omnia 2017 is available in 3 basic configurations that vary in number and types of cameras:

  • Configuration with 13 monochromatic or colour cameras
  • Configuration with 20 monochromatic or colour cameras

Distinguishing features

  • Quick recipe creation (10 minutes)
  • Analysis system based on artificial intelligence
  • Containers up to 600mm height
  • Dynamic lighting adjustment according to the glass density of the item
  • Interfacing with Vertech
  • Line selector of items
  • Data generation for Industry 4.0
  • Optional Finish Kit