Geometric contactless control

Vertigo is a system for laboratory sample checking of containers that can also be used directly on production lines (cold-end) and in hot-end area for checking:

  • Measuring and calibrating diameters
  • Container verticality deviation
  • Crooked neck deviation
  • Container roundness
  • Labeling area flatness

The container being checked is inserted manually by the operator on a special rotating plate; the system perform in 10 seconds in contactless way and sending the data directly to the control software or company DBs, thus eliminating errors in the probes mechanical positioning, data entry errors and ensuring the measurement repeatability over time.

Vertigo allows you to replace traditional SPC (Statistical Process Control) activities on dimensional checks with an automatic and error-free tool in a more quickly and safely way.


Distinguishing features

  • Quick manual recipe creation (2 minutes)
  • Direct reception of recipes from Vertech remote system
  • Reduction of measurement times (10 seconds for all measurements)
  • Data generation for Industry 4.0