Welding Guard

Advanced welding quality control

Welding Guard is an innovative system to guarantee the welding quality on an industrial level.  It allows real-time monitoring of the electrode center of gravity alignment with respect to the center of gravity of the welded tube.

Welding Guard is used to improve or replace the current quality control systems thanks to 4 unique features:
1) real-time control thanks to a single camera– live view of the welding:

  • Immediate detection of critical situations and possible blocking of the machine
  • Recovery and recording for process guarantee, further analysis and subsequent checks

2) Flexibility of the DSP/ARM hybrid system-DSP Texas Instruments TMS320C64 + TM for H264 @ 15 fps coding -ARM processing in real time

3) Ease of use– Display, calibration and management operations on web interface- Web streaming that can be displayed with commercial media players (VLC, windows media player, etc …) – Can operate as stand-alone or interfaced with the existing structure

4) Extensive connectivity to the outside world

  • Parameterizable digital I/Os
  • RJ45 connector for 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
  • BNC connector for PAL/NTSC analogue video for direct display on the machine
  • Generation of iot datagrams for Industry 4.0 applications